Metacade’s Presale Hits $10.9m in April 2023. 5 Reasons MCADE Tokens Are The Best Investments Today.

Metacade's Presale Hits $10.9m in April 2023. 5 Reasons MCADE Tokens Are The Best Investments Today.

Newcomer Metacade has made a huge splash since appearing on the crypto scene, establishing itself as a high-potential investment opportunity that could produce substantial profits for those taking advantage of the discount prices available in the project’s red-hot presale.

Metacade is shaping up to be a crypto project that could lead the market over the coming years, and so it’s no wonder that the presale has already attracted a huge amount of attention — having raised an incredible $10.9m in just 16 weeks.

Is Metacade one of the best investments around?

Metacade has been the focus of many investment groups since the launch of their much-praised crypto whitepaper. With a comprehensive plan to position itself right at the heart of the burgeoning GameFi movement, Metacade is being touted by many experts as a project that could be destined to provide eye-watering returns.

But why exactly do many believe that Metacade has the potential for such large returns? While there are several different factors at play, here are the five most important reasons that many see Metacade as one of the best investments around right now:


Metacade will have the biggest play-to-earn (P2E) arcade on the planet
The P2E arcade supports every playstyle, from casual to competitive
An extensive rewards system benefits all those who contribute to the Metacade ecosystem
Gamers have a direct say in which game development projects should be integrated via the Metagrants program
MCADE holders are able to take advantage of well-designed staking options

Can MCADE reach $1 in 2023?

The Metacade presale will see the price of MCADE rise to $0.02 in the final stage, ahead of an Initial DEX Offering (IDO). The high potential of the project means that this could drive a surge of interest for those investors who see the potential but missed out on the presale, and with technical releases and a CEX listing all due in 2023, a significant rise in price seems inevitable.

With Metacade boasting a number of features that are likely to generate huge user growth, such as the income opportunities even for non-gaming activities, provided they improve the user experience, this could produce the buying pressure required to propel the price of MCADE through the $1 barrier sooner than many think.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a gaming ecosystem and community hub that allows gamers to earn income for the games they love playing in the biggest arcade of its kind in the world. They are able to do this no matter the style of play they prefer, meaning that whether a gamer prefers casual play or more competitive gaming as they pit their wits against the best in the community, Metacade has them covered.

The project caters to the broadest range of gamers possible and, in doing so, differentiates itself from the vast majority of Web3 gaming projects in development right now. A well-designed rewards system sees users benefit from a set of incentives that constantly drive ecosystem improvement, and the holistic design decisions set out in the whitepaper have understandably generated a great deal of excitement.

How does MCADE work?

The Metacade ecosystem is fueled by the MCADE token, which serves as the currency of the platform. As well as being used to power the rewards for gaming and other activities, the token also boasted staking options that incentivize the long-term holding of the token.

Perhaps one of the most well-received features of the ecosystem has been Metagrants,a program that illustrates the considered strategic choices made by the Metacade team. The program allows game development teams to pitch their game ideas and prototypes to the Metacade community, allowing users themselves to give feedback. Based on the response received, MCADE holders will in future be able to utilize the governance rights afforded to them by the token, to vote for projects deserving of funding from the Metacade treasury.

Metacade has all the key characteristics of the best investments

Metacade has numerous positive qualities as an investment, all of which have contributed to the huge volume that the presale has achieved thus far. With the gaming industry looking ripe for expansion due to GameFi offering gamers financial incentives as part of their favorite hobby, Metacade could well  be set to drive this movement forward over the coming years.

With the project considered by experts in the space to be amongst the best investments available right now, we could see those who are able to secure the MCADE token at the presale prices in for an incredibly exciting  journey over the coming years.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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