Bitcoin And Big Eyes Coin

Cryptocurrencies to watch In Q1: Bitcoin And Big Eyes Coin

The world of cryptocurrencies is only becoming more popular. There is an abundance of crypto platforms that are curating mass amounts of loyal community members every single day. Every crypto project on the market has something different to offer investors and the space is only continuing to grow. However, with the market growing and more crypto platforms coming to the surface, it can be difficult to know where to navigate your attention as an investor, old or new.

There are many different coins to choose from as an investor, many making their stance on the market and others still progressing and evolving in presale stages. There is exciting stuff happening on the market, but which coins should you keep your eyes peeled for?

Well, Bitcoin and Big Eyes Coin are currently thriving and are a few of many platforms it is worth taking a closer look at if you are a keen investor. Let’s dive into these two cryptocurrencies and see what they have to offer!

Bitcoin: The Cryptocurrency Beast!

The OG cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was the very first coin to ever hit the market. Launched in 2009, the decentralised peer-to-peer online currency prioritises all transactions done directly between equal and independent network participants. The coin and platform were created to ensure online payments can be achieved without having to go through a financial institution.


The power of Bitcoin is something people should not ignore. This crypto giant has succeeded in shaping a whole online community and created an entire industry with millions of followers and investors who are committed to the space.

It has introduced a platform and online service which has inspired thousands of online projects and kickstarted the whole crypto craze! It is one of the most iconic cryptocurrencies and one investors can rely on.

Big Eyes Coin Is Blowing Up!

Big Eyes Coin is a crypto cathouse that is showing no signs of slowing down. The decentralised finance meme token is still in presale, yet it has raised an astounding sum of over $27 million! The platform is community-led and allows a dedicated community to connect and share their interests over everything cats, crypto and super cute content!

With generous charity wallets designed to help charities who are saving the oceans, to exclusive NFTs in development to offer investors something extra, Big Eyes Coin is going above and beyond to successfully being one of the biggest developing coins in presale history.

Big Eyes Coin also has an exclusive code that they are offering to investors which gives back to them and helps develop the platform. When using the code LAUNCHBIGEYES200, not only will this reward buyers with a huge 200% bonus with every purchase, but it will push forward the official launch of the Big Eyes Coin platform! This code expires on February 20th, so move quickly to access this once-in-a-lifetime offer in the crypto market!

Final Thoughts…

These two platforms have endless potential and excitement which constantly circulates them with loyal investors. There has never been a better time to invest, so what are you waiting for? Click the links below to start your exciting investment venture!

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Links:

Presale | Website | Telegram


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