Meta Masters Project Raises $1.5 Million

Meta Masters Project Raises $1.5 Million – Just 48 Hours Left

Meta Masters Guild token price is imminently set to rise after raising $1.5 million so far in its presale. The play-and-earn project will see a rise from $0.013 to $0.016 as the development of the first game, Metakart Racers, advances. 

The presale is currently in its stage three presale, with an overall target to raise $1.8 million before stage four commences. There are seven presale rounds, ending with a fixed price of $0.02300 per token.

This will be a 76% rise from its current price. This trend will likely continue following the project’s IEO. 

In this regard, the project’s successful fundraising efforts may result from future presale price increases. The project is amassing a solid online community, with over 20K followers on Twitter alone. 


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The project’s roadmap features a range of advancements and user benefits, beginning with the game development of Metakart Racers and then, early this year, NFTs and staking. 

Gamearound, a blockchain-based game publisher, is developing the Metakart Racers game, and the company’s CEO, Gideon Clifton, recently said: “We are excited to announce the development of a fully playable version that will be released later this year.”

The CEO stated that Metakart Racers’s development would be “a landmark moment for Gamearound and blockchain gaming, bringing ground-breaking, fun and enjoyable titles to the global P2E community.”

The Meta Masters Guild website says, “We believe in Play-and-Earn and not Play-2-Earn. Making fun games for free is our mission. Gamers get to truly own what they win.” This signifies the project understands the pitfalls of P2E gaming and aims to be the first in its category to succeed long term.

The first to tap into a $200 billion industry with a long-term vision.

Meta Masters Guild will focus on long-term usage and creating games that are fun to play. The project aims not only to be an income source but instead to reward real gamers for their time.

A gaming platform where all participants’ sole focus is to earn money is unsustainable and will eventually collapse. Instead, Meta Masters Guild will focus on creating games users actually want to play, and the earnings are just a bonus.

The project’s presale has a hard cap of $4.97 million, which it claims is sufficient to develop all its roadmap plans.

By the end of 2023, the project aims to have published its first game and begin working on others with the assistance of more game developers.

Axie Infinity is the most well-established blockchain gaming project so far. At its peak, the project had a $10 billion market cap. Meta Masters Guild is focused on solving many issues that caused Axie Infinity to crash over 80% since its ATH.

If successful, there is significant room for growth, considering currently, the project has raised around $1.5 million.

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Switching play-to-earn to play-and-earn

Meta Masters Guild claims to be the most sustainable play-to-earn game. This is because, unlike its predecessors, such as Axie Infinity, its focus is on providing a quality gaming experience.

The first game to be released, Metakart Racers, is a skill-based PVP racing game where the goal is for players to upgrade their assets to dominate their opponents. 

Following the development of Metakart Racers, the project will release two more games: the first is Meta Masters World; in this exploratory metaverse, users collect resources and shape their world with complete autonomy. The second is Raid NFT, a PVP turn-based strategy game where players battle for rewards to upgrade their character and become more powerful.

Crypto analysts see huge potential for the $MEMAG token

Popular YouTube cryptocurrency analyst Jacob Crypto Bury expects massive growth of the Meta Masters Guild crypto from its current presale stage three price. He describes the project as a “no-brainer”.

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Also, cryptocurrency expert Clinix Crypto recently reviewed the play-and-earn project and believes the project has long–term potential. The YouTuber also believes the team behind the project is one of the most competent he has seen.

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Yesterday, Philippines-based YouTube influencer Jonathan Geroy Velogs, who has 50,000 subscribers, gave a positive review of the project.


$MEMAG is designed for long-term growth

One of the main issues of previous P2E games is the constant sales pressure on the projects’ tokens. This is due to the token being distributed as a reward for playing the game and players quickly exchanging them for other cryptocurrencies.

Meta Masters Guild will reduce sell pressure by issuing an off-chain token as rewards called GEMS, which can be converted into $MEMAG or used for in-game purchases. The project will also generate real revenue by selling its in-game assets for $MEMAG while increasing the token’s demand. This is only possible as the games are designed to be played for fun by gamers, not solely as a stream of income.  

The game also allows players to earn NFTs in arcade mode; these NFTs are in-game characters that can be used in other games.

If players choose to exchange their GEMS for $MEMAG, they can then stake the $MEMAG and earn additional rewards.

The premise behind the ecosystem’s design is to reward players for investing time and money into the ecosystem and provide a long-term sustainable and fun gaming experience. In other words, the project lies somewhere between P2E and traditional gaming.

So far, Meta Masters Guild has already partnered with multiple blockchain companies, such as Gamearound, RWaltz, and Ruskin Felix, each of which has a history of delivering outstanding work in their respective fields.

Meta Masters Guild is a new crypto project that aims to be the world’s leading Web3 mobile gaming guild, with a focus on creating high quality, engaging mobile titles that reward players for participation.

MEMAG, the platform’s native token, is currently in presale. The development team behind Meta Masters Guild has been KYC verified by CoinSniper and the project’s technology has been audited by Certik.

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