Investors have more work to do in ensuring the success of Web3: PBW2023


A group of professionals in Web3 took to the master stage at Paris Blockchain Week 2023 to discuss how Web3 is changing the game for startups and investors. This new paradigm disrupts traditional business models and provides opportunities for startups and investors to tap into a new market. 

In the panel titled “Crypto, Culture, and Capital: How Web3 is Changing the Game for Startups and Investors,” the group discussed how Web3 startups are different from Web2 startups and how the different cultures existent in them shape and affect their various ecosystems.

While recognizing the awesome milestones achieved by Web3 entrepreneurs, Laurenz Apiarius, the founder and managing partner of Blockwall Digital and Blockwall Capital, noted that this has had both good and bad effects on the industry.

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Apiarius explained that there are entrepreneurs who take advantage of the Web3 narrative, knowing that there are investors who would overpay in valuation based on a futuristic belief of what can happen and end up not being able to deliver on their promises. This action, in turn, hurts investors who lose money in the process.

Panelists at Paris Blockchain Week discuss how Web3 is changing the game for startups and investors.

In light of the role of investors in Web3, Amos Meiri, founding partner of Node Capital, commented that the needs of Web3 organizations are different from what investors coming from Web2 are used to. Meiri explained that investors need to understand the technical, legal and even marketing of the projects that are being built; because it would help channel their support for entrepreneurs the right way.

Igneus Terrenus, head of partner relations of BitDAO, spoke on the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) model of Web3 startup governance. He said that while the DAO is not a perfect model, the use of incentivization and education of DAO stakeholders is important. He explained that there is hope for DAOs to work alongside limited liability companies (LLCs) in the near future.

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